soft icecream 每日為您新鮮製造

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soft icecream /

‘oh... sentence reconstruction in part a again?’ little ming laid his head on the classroom window, complaining in mind, ‘teachers should get bored even if i don’t.’ his attention got dispersed, sight gently migrated to the ice cream truck which was playing the signature song ‘the blue danube’ outside the window.

suddenly, the river water from the danube rushed into the classroom, flooded him out of the window to the truck. he was lucky to able to grab the truck window, and saw the words on the truck side ‘freshly make for you everyday’ started to rearrange. the ice cream man looked out from the window and said, ‘use your own method to get them recomposed.’ little ming used all the strength that he had to rearranged them rapidly.

completed. in this moment, all the danube river water turned to soft ice cream. he was all wet. picked up a scoop of ice cream surrounding him to his mouth randomly while looking at the work he had done, feeling satisfied.


soft ice cream is based on the reorganizing sentence which is the most frequently asked question type in chinese subject in the hong kong education system. the design asked the audience to rearrange the slogan which originally was on the side of the truck and fill in the answer column in front bottom of the t-shirt. with the reminiscence of “bitter and sweet” memories of hong kong people, the slogan can create an interactive and imaginative “fragrant, bizarre, and not intoxicated.” vibe to the audience.


about ss18 capsule collection /

mister softee is best after’s capsule collection SS18 topic, consists of 3 t shirts and pants. about the british ice cream truck which was brought into hong kong during that 100 years of britain colonial time before 1997, that represents the unique colonized background history, collective memory and sense of identity of hong kong people.

size /
t-shirt length chest shoulder sleeve
s 68 104 46 24
m 69 108 47 25
l 70 112 48 26
xl 71 116 49 27
- / cm /
bracelet size
xs 15.5cm (for tiny female)
s 16.5cm (for thin female)
m 17.5cm (for average female / thin male)
l 18.5cm (for average male)
xl 19.5cm (for thick male)
- / cm /