Payment Information currently accepts payments using paypal and bank transfer.

credit card
when clients place orders online, credit details are forwarded to a protected online banking system provided by paypal, which accepts visa, mastercard and paypal payments.

charge of credit card
if funds are sufficient and data correctly inserted, the transaction will be automatically authorized. customer will then receive an email of the order confirmation. the amount authorized is temporarily blocked on deposit as a request of payment; the amount is then settled the following working day, while processing the order (shipment of the order or deposit invoice for pre-orders).

bank transfer
by clicking on bank transfer as payment method, customers automatically receive the order confirmation. in the order confirmation, customers are able to find all the necessary information (bank details, etc.) to complete the payment to bank account. bank transfer orders will be reserved for 48 hours and will only be shipped once the bank transfer has been confirmed. a copy of the bank transfer confirmation must be sent to within these 48 hours or the order will be automatically cancelled. the order will be processed the same day the payment is received on the bank account of the customer must specify the order number as the payment reason.

possible transfer costs as well as bank charges shall be borne by the customer. your order will be dispatched upon receipt of payment on our account. refunds from returns will be charged-back to the bank account which the original order was paid from.

*in accordance with item iv, art. 25, c. 6 “transfer of personal data to third countries” of the directive 95/46/ec, the data may be transferred to non eu countries or countries not belonging to the european economic area, that however grant an adequate level of protection of the personal data. in any case, the data processing will take place in accordance with the provisions of the current rules and regulations.

prices and currencies
payments as well as refunds for shipments are all invoiced in united state dollar (usd). at the beginning of each season, a fixed exchange rate is determined, and is used to determine the estimated price in the local currency. however, when the order is processed, the exchange rate used is the current exchange rate. for this reason, there may be a difference between the estimated cost, and the cost charged at the time of processing. credit cards will be debited in usd, and thus, due to exchange rates, the final price will be calculated in the applicable exchange rate the day the credit card company processes the transaction. when a refund is processed, the exchange rate used is that of the current day. this may also cause a variance in the price paid and the price refunded, due to fluctuating exchange rates.

tracking your order
shipment tracking when the order will be tendered to the courier, customers receive an email with the tracking number related to the order. to monitor the status of your order, customers may visit the Hong Kong Post ( or SF Express website ( and insert the given number in the specific area “track your shipment”.