admiralty 金鐘

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metal milestone bracelet

natural stone / pyrite


symbol / energy


features /

metal like natural stone with gold sparkle.


effects /

excellent energy shield. eliminates the negative energy and variety of pollutions, transfers away the frustration, anxiety and depression factors, to overcome the inertia and senseless. able to enhance people's self-confidence and masculinity. it is the ideal stone to promote health.


ingredients /

admiralty is mainly composed of pyrite with two obsidians. the mirror bead in the middle crafted the best after logo meaning after you start to wear the milestone bracelet to experience life, scratch marks on the logo, to pursuit the best days and life.


size /
t-shirt length chest shoulder sleeve
s 68 104 46 24
m 69 108 47 25
l 70 112 48 26
xl 71 116 49 27
- / cm /
bracelet size
xs 15.5cm (for tiny female)
s 16.5cm (for thin female)
m 17.5cm (for average female / thin male)
l 18.5cm (for average male)
xl 19.5cm (for thick male)
- / cm /