peak 凌霄

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natural stone / myanmar dark jade

symbol / noble

features /
subtle dark green with chalcedony threads run through spontaneously.

effects /
‘aim high as the peak.’ jade is good for health in objective basis; in ming dynasty, a medical authentic book "compendium of materia medica" by a well known physician li zhen records, jade has "decrease hotness, relieve boredom, smoothen up heart and lung, moisten throat, nourish hair, raise five internal organs, blood thinning, awaken up ears and eyes" effect.

ingredients /
peak is mainly composed of myanmar dark jade.
the mirror bead in the middle crafted the best after logo meaning after you start to wear the milestone bracelet to experience life, scratch marks on the logo, to pursuit the best days and life.
size /
t-shirt length chest shoulder sleeve
s 68 104 46 24
m 69 108 47 25
l 70 112 48 26
xl 71 116 49 27
- / cm /
bracelet size
xs 15.5cm (for tiny female)
s 16.5cm (for thin female)
m 17.5cm (for average female / thin male)
l 18.5cm (for average male)
xl 19.5cm (for thick male)
- / cm /