stanley 赤柱

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Harajuku brown red bracelet

Ocean Jasper

Symbol / Life

Features /
Experienced thousands of years of breeding, stored up nature's most spacious and unpredictable magnetic energy. Rich in color, bright and volatile, with the formation of a special textures.

Effects /
Ocean Jasper has an excellent auxiliary effect on dredging body meridians, you can get spiritual insights to flourish the level of peace and expansion of relationship network to get more valuable opportunities.

Ingredients /
Stanley is mainly composed of Ocean Jasper. The mirror bead in the middle crafted the Best After logo meaning that once you are wearing the bracelet, the best is always yet to come.



象徵 / 生命

特徵 /

功效 /

成份 /
赤柱主要為海洋石組成。中間的鏡面石刻有 此日期後最佳 的標誌;寓意獲得此手鏈後,最佳的日子即將來臨。
size /
t-shirt length chest shoulder sleeve
s 68 104 46 24
m 69 108 47 25
l 70 112 48 26
xl 71 116 49 27
- / cm /
bracelet size
xs 15.5cm (for tiny female)
s 16.5cm (for thin female)
m 17.5cm (for average female / thin male)
l 18.5cm (for average male)
xl 19.5cm (for thick male)
- / cm /